Kelsey Harper Parker, creator and designer of the cult LA floral company, Flower Girl Los Angeles started Matriarch,  born as a natural evolution of self, when she realized there was so much more work to do in creating awareness of equality, and in supporting strong women who balance many different roles on a daily basis and inspire and support her daily. 

Constantly re-inspired by travel, the open road, understanding sense of self, the California landscape that surrounds us, the nostalgic scents of places you visit and how your mind treasures and carries those memories with you are what Kelsey draws her design inspiration from. Each unique arrangement, tells a story of how you can carry over those memories and create something tangible and special. Our goal is to help you recreate moments from places you once traveled, remind a loved one of a moment you shared with them on that weekend away, or transport a friend back to the place or moment through touch, scent, and sight. As an honor to FLOWER GIRL LOS ANGELES, we offer our classic seasonal arrangements, as always, custom made to order with the freshest seasonal blooms.                  

Let us help you speak in flowers.