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Medium Saturdays NYC Grooming Gift Box


Perfect for a special man in your life, the Saturdays Surf NYC small gift box contains Shaving Cream composed of coconut and almond oil and is packed with Vitamin E and Vitamin A to combat UV damage, reduce acne flare‑ups, and provides a silky surface for a close shave. It features fragrance notes of sandalwood, grapefruit, lavender and cedar wood, Exfoliating Soap formulated with vitamin E and oatmeal kernels to gently cleanse and repair skin, Moisturizing Soap formulated with shea butter and mango seed butter to soothe and moisturize dry skin and beeswax based Clay Pomade which provides extra hold with a matte finish and Grooming Cream which offers texture and shine to any look. The gift box contains a small potted plant or cactus as well!

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Matriarch boxes6640.jpg