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Coffee Mint Soap


This gorgeously-packaged, Brooklyn-made bar soap combines coffee grounds and peppermint essential oils into an exfoliating, invigorating shower experience. It’s a cleansing morning ritual in the shower or tub; incredibly, it also removes the scent of garlic or onions from hands, so it’s brilliant in the kitchen, too. A hydrating base of saponified olive oil, coconut, and shea butter leaves skin soft and supple, and the wrapping is so pretty, it’s basically an instant gift.

This item can be shipped to all 50 states thought flowers can be delivered in LA area only. If you would like to send this as a gift, please visit the gifting section of our website or if you’d like to send it locally with blooms, feel free to add it to the cart with your flowers and we will hand deliver them together.

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Matriarch_Oct_1819373 1.jpg