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There’s something magical about lighting a scented candle, putting on a collagen skin mask and soaking in a tub of soothing bath salts after an especially long day. Add in some coffee, sweets and a book and you’ve reached a state of pure bliss. Now imagine that’s all perfectly packaged in our signature care package.

Care package includes:

  • Fresh Flowers
  • Sundream X Matriarch SAGRADO Coffee
    When s’mores are among the tasting notes, can you really go wrong? Introducing Terra, meaning “earth”, this blend was crafted with extra care resulting in an incredibly balanced coffee that comforts with every sip. If you tend to lean toward a more full-bodied coffee, this is your jam. It is berry forward with a touch of roast and layered with rich chocolatey notes throughout.
  • Matriarch Body lotion & Hand Soap 
  • Matriarch Exotic Rose Soaking Salts
    Relax and slip into a bath full of pink himalayan sea salt drenched in the gorgeous essential oils of rose absolute, gardenia, tuberose and eucalyptus.
  • Sugarface Collagen Skin Mask
  • Kapalua Candle
  • Champagne Gummy Bears
  • Valerie Blushing Berry Bar
    Velvety white chocolate studded with raspberry, pistachio, and rose petals.
  • Valerie Rice & Sesame Bar
    Rich, milky chocolate with caramel notes, is complemented by toasted rice, black sesame seeds, and soy salt.
  • Palo Santo
  • Rose Quartz Face Roller

Each Gift Box includes a customized printed note with the recipient’s name on the envelope.

Next day, local LA hand delivery is possible for most Care Packages and Gift Boxes if order is placed before 9pm.

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